About Net4Er

The Network for Empowerment is blog operated by none other than Mr. Blake Foley of Houston, TX, …. while in his shorts.

The point of this blog is to share insightful tips on living the good life, maintaining good relations with your friends and family, and keeping those relations healthy even in the worst of times.

I am usually motivated to sit down and write posts on this blog when I come across a great idea worth sharing with the world. Net4ER.org is my own self created 15 minutes of fame, in perpetuity.

My Professional Experience

I don’t like to share much personal information about myself on the web, but I can tell you that Blake Foley is a legal alias of mine (that I probably shouldn’t be using on the internets), and that my professional work puts me in the criminal law field, the entertainment business, risk management, and the technology sector.

With the Network 4 Empowerment website, I can share all the wonderful insights I’ve gained by working in closed of social circles with the world! Not that we’re special or anything, most communal circles are closed to outsiders with the exception of the times new people are involved.

Enjoy my blog! Check out our listing in the Blog Search Directory!