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Colorado ISP Sues Customer For Opinion

A friend of mine brought my attention to blog post about a man in Colorado who is currently being sued for complaining about false advertising on the part of the cable company. The details of the situation are in the blog linked below. He needs legal representation. If you know anyone who can help, or may know someone who can help, alert them immediately. This is a call to arms!

Peak Internet of Colorado offers ISP services to the Pikes Peak region. Russell Petrick tried their services and was disappointed. He says that their speed was consistently below the benchmark they advertised. When Petrick complained, he says that Peak Internet told him he was getting above their stated minimum speed, so he should be happy with the 12 Mbps he was getting, even if it didn’t reach the advertised 20 Mbps top speed.

Petrick complained online on Yelp and elsewhere. Peak Internet, an American company that values American ideals like freedom of speech, recognized Petrick’s right to complain and responded forthrightly to the complaint. No, wait, Peak Internet strongly disagreed with Petrick’s complaints so it responded online with specific facts and circumstances showing how particular elements of Petrick’s complaints were untrue.

Wait, no. I forgot. This is America. So Peak Internet sued. They hired attorney Ryan J. Klein of Sherman & Howard and filed a complaint against Petrick in Teller County District Court for defamation and defamation per se. The complaint is here.

Peak Internet’s complaint is bare-bones and notably vague and ambiguous. This is how it explains… READ MORE

General Ramblings

A Special Shout Out To HVH Remodeling of Houston

In Houston, it goes without saying that it really gets hot during the summer months and 2014 is no exception. With 100 degree temperatures bearing down on us, we decided to upgrade our air conditioning unit and have a patio cover and deck installed in the backyard to add to all the fun that comes along with the season.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

I have to admit, I was impressed with the efficiency and timeliness of the services provided by HVH Remodeling. They finished a week ahead of schedule and if you didn’t know our patio had just been added, you would have never known they had just finished the job. This speaks volumes of the “minimal footprint” they claimed they would leave in their promotional materials.


It goes without saying that we recommend HVH Remodeling for all your home improvement needs if you live in the Houston area. Contact HVH Remodeling at 832-881-7112 if you need to talk with someone about a remodeling project for your home.