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Houston’s Stiletto Killer Found Guilty, Not First Violent Act

We’ve run across an interesting update to the case of the Stiletto Heel Killer in Houston. It seems she may indeed get a chance to tell her side of the story on the witness stand. See the video news update below.

According to ABC NEWS, she has already been found guilty so this must be move by the defense team to exhaust all options. May as well, now is not the time to not be exhausting all available resources considering she’s been found guilty. See the report below.

Ana Trujillo, the woman found guilty of murdering her boyfriend in the so-called “stiletto murder,” told ABC News’ 20/20 in an exclusive interview that he was abusive and attacked her on the night she beat him to death with her shoe. Source

Although its a rough case, my hat is off to the defense considering that no one had this woman’s back as far as witness testimony is concerned.

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Houston’s Stiletto Murder Trial Is Interesting

Houston’s stiletto murder appears to be coming to a close and it has captured the attention of a nation. Its understandable why too. Just think of that first series of headlines which may have read something like, “Woman Kills Man With Shoe”, or, “Woman Murders College Professor with Stiletto Heel”, and so forth. However, there is usually more to the case than what the headlines may read, which is why we have criminal justice trials.


Clipping from KPRC Houston


Attorneys for a Houston woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend with her 5 1/2-inch stiletto heel used a martial arts expert during her trial on Monday to demonstrate for jurors how they believe she was attacked on the night of the killing.

Ana Trujillo is accused of striking 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson at least 25 times in the face with her shoe during an argument in June at his Houston condominium.

Trujillo’s attorney has contended the 45-year-old woman was defending herself from an attack by Andersson. Source


Now call me crazy, but when you bring in a martial arts expert as a witness in a trial we’ve got to be looking at some the stuff “Made for TV” movies are made of. On a more serious note, if was being attacked by a man, she would have needed a weapon. At the end of the day, men are physically stronger than woman and if she was being attacked by a man, she would need a weapon of some sort to even the odds. Enter the Stiletto Heel.

According to news reports the case has gone to the jury for deliberation. Hopefully when the jury completes their deliberation they’ll come to the conclusion that this was indeed a murder which stemmed from a self defense.

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HOUSTON — Jurors have convicted a Houston woman of murdering her boyfriend by fatally stabbing him with the 5½-inch stiletto heel of her shoe. Read More

Houston’s Stiletto Murder Trial Is Interesting

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It’s the last day to Bend Over & Chain Up To The Obamunist Healthcare Law

The law known as the ObamaCare scam is in the news again! Whether it be by artificial government influenced state-run media or not, today is the last day to sign up for socialized medicine run by the seemingly corrupt Washington Bureaucrats who can’t get shit right.


One can only wonder how much profit from the forced selling of medical insurance will be created for the enlightened homies of the well connected and properly birthed.

Quote From The Christian Science Monitor

For many Americans, the question of enrolling in Obamacare is not just about the health-insurance benefits – it’s also about what those benefits will cost.

Those costs can vary widely depending on your circumstances, allowing President Obama to tout his health insurance reforms as offering premiums for “the equivalent of your cellphone bill,” even as some families see their costs jump to a higher level than ever.

It’s true that with subsidies provided by the law a 30-year-old with $20,000 in income might pay as little as $44 per month in premiums – less than many typical cellphone bills. But the same individual, if earning a higher income and being a bit older, could owe $250 or more per month. Read More>>

The Good News About The Law

Out of a whopping 310,000,000+ Americans, the massive government commercial campaign managed to influence less than 2% of the population in its desired direction. This is a failure for the administration that expected to sign up at least 7,000,000 Americans.

So much for the herding of the sheep!

This is interesting. Seems the people of the once free United States of America are speaking loud and clear, albeit in silence audibly speaking, but roaring in numbers. No one seems to interested in Obamunism.