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Dealing with Theft Charges in Houston

If your family member has been arrested for theft crime, there would be serious consequences. Keep in consideration that if you are convicted of theft crime, you won’t find a decent apartment or job easily. If you are trying to get into a college, theft crime can impact on you negatively. If you want to pursue career in law or medical, it can prevent from getting a license.

If you or your family member is accused of such crime, then there are few things you need to do. The most important thing is to hire a criminal lawyer to fight for your rights, theft is not only about a robbery, someone might accuse you of property theft or related crime, you need to prepare a game plan to fight for your rights. Theft laws & penalties in Texas can be quite severe making a strong legal defense paramount as all theft crimes are specific intent crimes.

Property Rights and Ownership

If someone is accused of stealing property in Houston, Harris County, Texas, there are some valid defenses that can establish a strong stance for the defendant. Tables can be turned and straightforward defense methods can result positively. Keep in mind that if someone want to claim your property then he or she has to provide evidence, and you also have to provide counter elements that can prove it wrong.


It is possible to defend someone if defendant was intoxicated at the time of theft, and it must be noted that evidence of intoxication should be provided. There are different type of intoxicants such as chemicals, alcohol, drugs, and more. In this state if individual was stealing something or mistakenly believed the item belongs to him or her. There must be valid defense that can claim this point, besides this there are many other points that need to keep in consideration to strengthen the case in favor of defendant.

Property Return as Defense

People usually think whether returning the property will prevent charges that might be associated with it. Keep in mind that returning stolen property won’t provide any defense against theft charges. If someone want to return it then it can be turned in the favor of defendant, it will help reduce the penalties that are associated with the crime. There are some strong defenses available when it comes to returning the property, if defendant want to return it then he or she can claim that it was his or her intention to return at the time it was taken. It is common to defend people facing serious theft charges by using points that may be in favor of the defendant.


This apply when someone committed a crime, but was induced to do it by a person who want to prosecute the target. This can apply if the idea wasn’t of defendant or someone else was the mastermind behind crime, it was put in your head. The victim was lured by someone else into committing crime, and the mastermind of this crime wanted to prosecute target. There are many points and defendant might be the victim, an experienced crime lawyer from Houston can prove this in court to reduce charge.