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Police State America, Technological Utterings

Keeping Your Most Personal Business Private

When searching the web for information, sometimes we enter very personal information without regard for who may get that information, how that information can be used by a malicious party, and whether or not that information is save.

Enter StartPage!

Search For Information With The Comfort of Privacy

When looking to search using the power of Google’s search engine, in private, use StartPage.

Usage of Startpage for Private Web Searching is almost a guarantee that no one will ever know what you searched for online. We say almost because if you commit a criminal offense and a computer forensics unit gets their hands on your computer their is no telling what they may find.startpage_aboutstartpage

Living In The Age of Privacy Concerns

With the federal government in everyone’s business as if were slaves, and with the uprising of online criminals and con-men, its gonna be important to keep your most personal data private. And example of private data you may not want seen by prying eyes is listed below.

  • Health related searches.
  • Searches related to something that may be illegal, without your knowledge.
  • Family law information (Abused Women)
  • Job Searches (If you are looking for a job using your current employer’s systems.)
  • Web Research.
  • Any information that may be considered sensitive.

Remain Anonymous!