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Texas Sex Crimes & The Importance of Legal Representation

If you’ve been accused of a rape or sexual assault in the state of Texas you’ll be treated worse than a serial killer. A good sex crimes defense attorney who is familiar with the Galveston County court system will be able to give you an advantage if you’re being criminally charged for sexual related criminal offense.

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Attorney Tad Nelson has represented hundreds of persons accused of felony offenses in Texas, has credentials as a scientist, and is especially proficient in defending those who have been accused of sex crime offenses.

Sex Crimes Attorney Galveston

When fighting criminal charges with the help of an attorney on a sex crimes case, your life is on the line, and the only thing that matters in the case is the evidence. With a forensic lawyer scientist serving as your defense, you’ll have a better chance of successfully thwarting conviction attempts by the criminal justice system and will have a real opportunity to walk home and continue living in a state of freedom.

Felony Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Law in Texas

For persons convicted of sexual related offenses the penalties are severe. With sentencing ranging anywhere from 2 to 25 years for felony offenses in Texas, not to mention life/death penalty depending on what happened during the course of the crime and the number of crimes committed, representation by proven litigator is paramount.

Sexual penetration is not a required standard of formal felony charges alleging sexual wrongdoing. Unwanted physical contact, solicitation of sex, possession of child pornography, solicitation of a minor for sex, allowing a minor to be sexually assaulted by a third-party, and sex sting, are all serious felony criminal offenses lacking the need for physical penetration of sexual orifices.

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Texas Sex Crimes & The Importance of Legal Representation